#Win a $50 triple promo. Details here:

If you have a creative flair to you, this contest could be for you. I'm looking for a cool new banner for the site. You know ... the one that looks like the following.

Whoever submits the best banner (I will be the sole judge) will win a $50 promo. (That's 3 posts for just the work of putting a cool banner together.)

Everyone who submits a qualifying banner will get one month of Cover Wars for free. So, as long as you can put a decent banner together, you'll win something. And who knows? I may use your banner sometime in the future.

What's a qualifying banner?

  • It must have "Masquerade Crew" included somewhere, somehow.
  • It's dimensions must be correct.
    • Width: 1024 pixels (This must be exact to fit the space)
    • Height: between 200 and 300 pixels
  • Do not take the opportunity to advertise for yourself, so no book covers, and the like.
    • But you are welcome to take a picture of yourself in a masquerade mask.

Free resources


Submitting a banner

Email your banner to msl_007@live.com. Be sure to include the word banner in the subject so I can quickly identify it.

If you use a free image online that needs a licence acknowledgement, such as the ones at Freedigitalphotos.net, be sure to include that in the email so I can post it on the site.

After I qualify a banner, I will email you instructions for getting a free Cover Wars entry. Once enough time has passed, I'll pick a winner and let them know how to get the free $50 promo package.

Thanks in advance!