"A Captivating Read." Into the Arms of Morpheus by @JessicaNicholl1 #fantasy #review

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Into the Arms of Morpheus

Written by Jessica Nicholls

Genre(s): Dark Fantasy

Sylvia has always harboured a solitary obsession with Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams. She's brought it with her from her adolescence in a village of Northern England where she grew up, to the university in Manchester where she now studies.

Nyx is the Goddess of Night, and has spent the centuries stewing in an ancient, unrequited love. Not easily pleased, her attention is drawn to a voice chanting its devotion and desire for her, and she seeks the source of it.

She is not the only god playing in the realms of men, however. When the God of Death and Morpheus himself become aware of this new devotee, the stage is set for the gods to secure their worship, or for a mortal to become one of them.

Walki's Review

A Captivating Read

While Sylvia, who works in a bookshop and studies at the university in Manchester, is the main character, Morpheus and Nyx are equally important, and Killer -to his great disappointment- is a secondary character. Killer is known by this name because it is his choice and his function. He wants power, he wants Nyx to make him an immortal, and to do so he'll sacrifice a mortal, he'll sacrifice Sylvia to Nyx. Meanwhile Sylvia has been obsessively devoted to Morpheus since she was 14, and Nyx had enough of her obsession with Poseidon and needs a new focus.

What is it about Sylvia that makes her so attractive to Morpheus, Nyx, and Killer? Maybe Morpheus holds on to Sylvia because rarely have mortals devoted themselves solely to him. Maybe Nyx is intrigued by Sylvia's single-mindedness. Maybe she thinks that the deep connection between Sylvia and Morpheus is unhealthy, and she has more to offer to a mortal of such purity. It seems that Killer is just a tool, a tool that'll bring Sylvia to Nyx. But why use Killer when Nyx could so easily seduce the innocent Sylvia?

No deep knowledge of Greek mythology is required to appreciate and give oneself to this story. Sylvia tells you that Morpheus is the god of Dreams. Killer explains to you that Nyx is the goddess of Night. Greek gods and goddesses have always been flawed and bad role models. They bicker among themselves and need mortals to feel alive and powerful.

Nyx and Morpheus are suitably dark and enigmatic adding to the dream-like atmosphere of the writing style, and the style is dream-like even when mapping reality because Sylvia and Killer are no mere mortals. While the story is told with a quiet sensitivity and an underlining of intense passion, it is told from three different viewpoints, each personal. Killer has an obsessive desire to elevate himself over the mortals he looks at with disdain. Nyx is arrogant and curious. Sylvia is innocent and naive.

Jessica Nicholls wrote this novel with a touch of poetry and a hint of mystery. 'Into the Arms of Morpheus' is a moody piece, full of intense emotions. A captivating read that'll capture your minds and transport you into another realm, fluid and ocean-like, leaving you just enough air to breathe.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.