The main source of blog traffic for the Masquerade Crew

I come across a lot of blogs, many of them run by authors, many others run by book bloggers, reviewers, and the like. And though there is the occasional exception, most (indie) blogs are not promoted very well.

Now, I will never claim to be an expert in areas of promotion and advertising, but I have learned a few things running this blog, which wouldn't have been around for very long if I hadn't figured out how to attract visitors.

There are a host of ways to promote a blog, many of which I have not delved into myself. Perhaps a fault of mine, but I've been happy with results so far. As I continue to learn, I'll alter my methods.

How does the Masquerade Crew attract visitors?

The main way is Twitter. Hands down. If I take a few days off from promoting the blog on Twitter, the results (or lack thereof) are immediately apparent.

Take the following chart showing July's traffic. The difference between the peaks and the valleys illustrate how the traffic is affected by the lack of tweets from me.

"But there's still decent traffic on non-tweeting days," you may say.

That's true. And that's where the other major part of our traffic comes from: Triberr. Of course, since most people using Triberr are also using Twitter as their traffic source, the traffic ultimately still comes from Twitter, just not from our own tweets but that of others.

If you are a blogger or an author blogger and aren't using Triberr... well, just go check it out. Your traffic will jump.

Other traffic sources

Of course, Twitter doesn't have a monopoly on our traffic, though it is a close call at times. We do get a little bit of traffic from Facebook and our newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

Check out the next post where I begin to describe how to make tweets stand out.