How she handles negative reviews. Interview with @QuigleyAlicia

We're pleased to introduce

Alicia Quigley

Author of

An Indecent Charade

Letitia's After Dark Regency Romance

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Lightening Round

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Absolutely dark chocolate! What is this "milk chocolate" of which you speak?

The zombie apocalypse is coming - are you prepared?

Totally. If they can pull off "Pride, Prejudice and Zombies" I can handle "My Dead Duke's Love".

If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?

Has my hairdresser been gossiping? This is my natural color! ;)

Serious Round

Do you like to read the same genre that you write?

Yes. I love reading Regency romances. I've been a fan since childhood. There are many fine writers doing Regency (and doing it really well!). I enjoy biographies, too. And of course, the "deadly dull" (to most) hard science and engineering stuff. But when I want to kick off my shoes and relax: it's always a Regency. Give me Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn, a glass of wine and some quiet and I am one happy author!

How do you or would you react to negative reviews and why?

We all get them, the dreaded one-star reviews. I'll admit, sometimes they sting. The best way of dealing with them, in my opinion, is to look for anything resembling constructive criticism. I read my reviews and take readers' comments seriously. Some of those comments have actually helped me refine my writing and publish better books!

Of course, there are those that you just have to shrug off.. It's hard to find anything constructive in "Rubbish", which is an actual one-word review I received. The one piece of advice I have for everyone is: NEVER, no matter how much you want to, NEVER argue with a reviewer! It's bad form and will get you a bad reputation.

Wacky Question

If you had to coauthor a book with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Definitely Helen Fielding. Hello! Briget Jones! How could anyone NOT want to work with such a brilliant author!?

Author Bio

Alicia Quigley is a lifelong lover of romance novels, who fell in love with Jane Austen in grade school, and Georgette Heyer in junior high. She made up games with playing cards using the face cards for Heyer characters, and sewed regency gowns (walking dresses, riding habits and bonnets that even Lydia Bennett wouldn’t have touched) for her Barbie. In spite of her terrible science and engineering addiction, she remains a devotee of the romance, and enjoys turning her hand to their production as well as their consumption.