"I guarantee my husband was..." Interview with @SRRoddynovels

We're pleased to introduce

S.R. Roddy

Author of

A Fool's Heart

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Lightening Round

Beef, seafood or surf AND turf?


Day or night?

I'm most definitively a night person.

A day at the beach or an hour at a bookstore?

A bookstore all the way.

Serious Round

Do you base any characters on real-life people that you know?

Most of my characters are based, at least in part, on someone I've known.

What was your favorite book this week?

I just finished Primal Instinct by Sydney Somers. It had a nice twist to the paranormal aspect that I really enjoyed.

Wacky Question

You're writing a story about your family and it becomes clear that someone needs to be killed off to make the story flow. Who is it and why?

That's easy, my husband. Every time there is a scene in one of my books where the guy got in trouble, or had something bad happen to him, I guarantee my husband was being an ass.

Author Bio

S.R. Roddy is a mother of five, living in Texas with her husband and teenage children. From a young age, she discovered a deep love for books, especially anything to do with history or mythology. Not surprisingly, as she grew into adulthood that morphed into an obsession for paranormal and historical romances.