"Fun Little Read" Dirty Little Secret by @Willow_Writing #romance #bookreview

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Dirty Little Secret

Written by Willow Sanders

Genre(s): Romance

Hillary hadn’t meant to sleep with Bert "DJ XTC" Morder. She blamed the lack of public bathrooms, and one too many Jaeger bombs for her even contacting DJ XTC in the first place. Now, thanks to the Internet, and the unfortunate incident of the studio live stream, all of Chicago was wondering exactly who the girl with the red-soled shoe had been. How long can she keep her identity a secret, and what will happen once her secret is out? Suggested for readers 18+ for mild romantic situations.

Cathryn K. Thompson's Review

Fun Little Read!

I was intrigued by the title and basic premise of this book—Accidental broadcast of a one night stand threatens girl’s entire existence. In addition to the expected drama, Dirty Little Secret provided an interesting look into the complicated world of radio and a realistic, but enchanting view of life in a big city like Chicago.

While I don’t identify with the twenty-something, clubbing sort of lifestyle, the story and characters kept me entertained. The humor and pop culture references amused me. I laughed at Hillary’s rants on Macy’s and the banter between her and best friend Ivy.

I did find the narration a wordy at times and I was bit distracted by the change in tenses and other linguistic errors. A good editor would be able to help with those types of things.

Overall, Dirty Little Secret was an enjoyable read. In her “Mea Culpa” at the end of the book, Willow Sanders promises Ivy’s story is forthcoming. I would be interested in learning more.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.