Faking muscular abs. Interview with Leslie Wells.

We're pleased to introduce

Leslie Wells

Author of

Come Dancing

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Lightening Round

Favorite city?

New York City, where I lived for 17 years and where Come Dancing takes place.

What character best describes you?

Definitely 24-year-old Julia Nash, who works for a grabby boss in book publishing.

Do you bring sexy back?

Many readers have said they loved the steaminess of Come Dancing--so yes!.

Serious Round

Authors often put themselves into their characters. Which of your characters is most like you and why?

The character of Julia Nash is drawn from my own experiences when I first moved to New York City and began working in book publishing. I used to love going out dancing in all the downtown clubs to blow off steam after sitting at my desk all day. Back then there were no cell phones (therefore no cameras on hand), so the atmosphere was much more open; regular people mingled with all sorts of celebrities, artists and musicians. It was a great time to be in Manhattan (early 80s) when punk rock clashed with rock music and the club scene was very edgy. So I had all that in my head while I was writing Come Dancing.

Who is your favorite character in your latest book?

Jack Kipling, the British rock star, is definitely my favorite character to write about. So many reviewers and readers have commented on how "real" Jack seems, which is such a compliment to me. It's so much fun to describe his reactions to Julia's much more serious attitude toward life. Jack has led a very dissipated existence; he has literally seen it all--whereas Julia is new to Manhattan and fresh to many experiences. They are direct opposites, which definitely works to attract (as is often the case in real life, as well). Yet their contrasting personalities creates a lot of tension and misunderstanding--as well as humor.

Wacky Question

Which of your characters would you dress as for Halloween?

I would definitely dress as Jack Kipling--low-slung jeans ripped at the knee, open shirt, thin chain with lightning bolt, scuffed boots, choppy shoulder-length hair, and one earring. I would have to fake the muscular abs though.

Author Bio

Leslie Wells has worked in book publishing for over 30 years, and has edited forty-eight New York Times bestsellers. She has worked with numerous internationally known authors, musicians, actors, actresses, television and radio personalities. She is the author of Come Dancing and Keep Dancing, the Jack and Julia Series.