Drake feeds his rage in the blood of his enemies. DRAFIN by @AuthorJHendon #scifi

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Book One of the Tremon Wars

Written by J. Hendon

Genre(s): science fiction, fantasy



Drake Collins watched his world crumble with innocent eyes. His family, his friends, the planet itself set ablaze by alien’s hell bent on expansion and control. The takers, or Tremon as they fancied themselves, made no notice of the individual lives they changed.

Now a soldier and pilot, Drake feeds his rage in the blood of his enemies. Some might consider loftier goals in creating a better place for their kind. Drake only considered the body count. When they took his Carrier and his band of brothers, they should have damn well made sure they took his as well.

Food, watching the backs of his brothers and body count were as far as Drake Collins looked. His future no more than the tally of dead Tremon when he took his last breath, the full measure of his existence. He lived to kill. An enemy though sought to change his path to something more. An enemy with more faith in him than he had himself. An enemy that wanted him dead.

She would have to stand in line. It was a long line.