Romance authors, submit your book for review. Doors open for only 1 week.

It's time to collect books for Romance month, which will be September. There is one small hitch, though. Because Romance is such a popular genre, we expect to get a lot of requests. However, Romance is not a genre this crew has done very often, so we can't promise how many books will be picked up for review.

There is another option, though. This is an opportunity to grow our review crew. If you write Romance books, you likely read them as well. So, I encourage you to join our crew. There won't be any special treatment. Your book may be picked up, and it may not. However, if enough Romance authors join, there will be a greater chance that all Romance books are picked up for review.

Join Our Review Crew

If you'd like to join our crew, go to the Reviews tab on the navigation menu and click on Join Our Review Crew.

Any kind of Romance?

Will we accept any Romance book? Yes and no. We will accept any of the Romance subgenres, including erotica. When it comes to the steaminess level, please be forthright in your description of your book. Otherwise the reviewer could take it out on you in the review. I've seen ones on Amazon complain about a Romance book that went too steamy for their taste. There will also be a disclaimer at the top of our review indicating the mature nature of the book.

Because Romance can mix with just about any other genre, there will be room for rejection. If your book fits primarily into another genre, Romance taking a backseat, we may or may not pick it up for review. You can certainly try, though. In fact, go ahead and submit it, since some of our reviewers may not like straight Romance. We won't tell you if we reject it. We'll just move on, deleting your request.

IMPORTANT: Please read our REVIEW POLICY before submitting your review request. Failure to follow our guidelines will result in your request being declined!

Submissions are open for