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The Last Keeper's Daughter

Written by Rebecca Trogner

Genre: Fantasy, Vampires

Book Synopsis

To the outside world Lily Ayres is the privileged daughter of an old moneyed family. She is young, beautiful, and a talented horsewoman. All of which are enviably qualities, but few know that beneath this thin veneer of societal perfection lies a deeply troubled young woman. For Lily rarely speaks and is incapable of normal, human interaction.

Unable to understand why she is this way, she further retreats inside herself, until memories and suppressed emotions begin to bubble to the surface. Murder, revelations of her family's hidden purpose and dark secrets are revealed as she is thrust into the supernatural world of Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America.

Walki's Review

Walter Ayres, the last keeper of his line, entrusts his daughter Lily to Krieger Barnes, the Vampire King he has worked for his entire life, before flying to London. Detective Hunter is called to a crime scene where he contemplates the dismembered remains of Walter and another keeper, before being hired by the Elder and discovering there is more to meet the eyes in the world: Vampires, Werewolves, Ancients, Revenants, and more Others. There is also the apparently fragile Lily Ayres. But what is Lily exactly?

This novel has distant echoes of Elizabeth Kostova's 'The Historian', but Rebecca Trogner's vampires need not kidnap historians as they willingly enter a secret society to protect the vampires and others' world. Characters are well-defined and intriguing, with each a specific role to fulfil. While we try to understand who would want all the keepers dead, we never forget about the fragile Lily, fed with Krieger's blood and growing day by day stronger.

The Last Keeper's Daughter' is the compelling first volume in a series. I suspect Lily is the key to the entire series, as, while we discover her hidden past and the reasons for her otherworldly qualities, there is still much more mystery to solve around her. Rebecca Trogner leaves us with a light cliffhanger full of promises.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: While I would not necessarily mark this book for adults only, I would say it requires a minimum maturity from young adults.

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