What kind of reader are you? (Infographic reposted from @LectriceUSA)

When it comes to what type of reader you are, there's endless possibilities. Take me for instance.

Sometimes I can devour a book in a few hours as if I were always an avid reader, but that isn't the case most of the time. Usually I'm very slow, and I only started reading for fun after I got out of High School. There were times in school that I enjoyed it, but it was forced reading. No one forces me today.

What species of reader are you?

According to the following infographic, which I found on Laura E. Kelly's website, I fall easily into the conflicted species, half reluctant, half slow-starter, though like I said, I occasionally fall into one of the others.

What about you?

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What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic

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