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The Last Keeper's Daughter

Written by Rebecca Trogner

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Book Synopsis

To the outside world Lily Ayres is the privileged daughter of an old moneyed family. She is young, beautiful, and a talented horsewoman. All of which are enviably qualities, but few know that beneath this thin veneer of societal perfection lies a deeply troubled young woman. For Lily rarely speaks and is incapable of normal, human interaction.

Unable to understand why she is this way, she further retreats inside herself, until memories and suppressed emotions begin to bubble to the surface. Murder, revelations of her family's hidden purpose and dark secrets are revealed as she is thrust into the supernatural world of Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America.

Jenny Buijs's Review

This book isn't a typical vampire book like the ones I normally read. It's quite complicated and there are a lot of different characters which made it a bit confusing for me sometimes. Because it wasn't just about vampires, but also about werewolves, Others and even fallen angels. When you're reading this book you really need to focus otherwise you won't be able to keep up, which isn't a bad thing. I mean, don't we all love to immerse ourselves in the world we're reading about and forget everything around us?

Lily is a normal human being, although maybe not that normal, because she almost never speaks. At least not in the beginning of the book. Lily's father Walter is the Vampire King Krieger's keeper. But it isn't until Walter gets murdered, that Lily finds out what Krieger actually is. When Krieger gets to know Lily, he feels a deep connection to her, and even though Lily feels it too, she doesn't act on it. Krieger saved Lily's life and because of that, they are now bonded, which means Lily can't trust her own feelings anymore. Does she really like Krieger or is he making her feel that?

Although I can understand that Lily is confused about her feelings for Krieger, it was also frustrating that she kept changing her mind about him. I'm a sucker for a good love story, but this was a different story than what I expected. Which can be refreshing of course, when done right. It's just that, for me, too much was left unresolved between Krieger and Lily. The ending of this book obviously makes it clear that there will be a sequel, but I wasn't aware of this at first. I prefer to know beforehand if the book is a stand alone or part of a series so I can prepare myself for a cliffhanger.

Nevertheless, The Last Keeper's Daughter is a very good book. The main focus of the book is on finding out who killed Walter. Throughout the book I had no idea whatsoever who could have done it. My compliments to Trogner for that, because she keeps you hooked and makes you want to keep reading to find out if they will resolve the mystery. And even after your questions are answered, you still want more. The ending makes sure of that. I can't wait to read the second book, obviously, so I can get more information about what will happen between Krieger and Lily.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: Marked mature due to violence.

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