How many people do you think played in our #fantasy scavenger hunt?

During the month of July, visitors to the site have been playing a scavenger hunt. Ten fantasy authors (and their books) were featured. Each scavenger hunt question was about either a featured book or a post/page on the author's blog or website.

I think the results for our very first scavenger hunt were promising. Here's some stats.
  • 409 entries
  • 43 different scavengers

The winners have been chosen and have been contacted via email. Whether you won or not, I would like to say thank you for playing and for continuing to support our efforts to promote and spotlight indie authors.

The scavenger hunt for Mystery Month starts in a few days, so if you didn't get a chance to play the Fantasy hunt, come on back. If you played but didn't win, another chance will be around the corner soon. If you did win, try again. Lightening might strike twice.

Mystery authors, there's still time to sign up to be featured in the scavenger hunt in August. For more info, see this post.