Would you like to join the Masquerade Crew Book Club?

In order to encourage people to come to this site and check out the books we review and promote, I've created a book club.

Many of the original features of the book club have been incorporated into the site in general, so the book club has changed somewhat, though the purpose remains basically the same—inform subscribers about what's going on with the crew.

If you would like to receive emails from me under the following situations...

  1. When we are promoting a free book on Amazon
  2. When we are promoting a (non-free) book in one of your favorite genres*
  3. A weekly newsletter, highlighting what's going on with the crew
  4. When we are accepting book review requests
    (An excellent feature for authors)
  5. When we occasionally offer something exclusively to book club members, such as a chance at a gift card

...joining the book club would be a good idea for you.

*We promote a lot of books, but you will only receive an email from me when an author has bought one of the more expensive packages. Email marketing does not come with the cheaper packages.

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