Authors, have you signed up at the Indie Book Exchange?

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This is a continuation of the series of posts that started with THIS ONE. Check it out if you haven't.

The previous post in this series officially announced the name and URL of the new site, Indie Book Exchange. I hope everyone's had a chance to take a look.

The turnout for the first day was fairly decent, the number of visitors being about what I expected. According to StatCounter, 25 people visited the site. What surprised me (in a positive way) was the number of page views: 106, which means most visitors looked at more than one page.

This probably shouldn't surprise me due to the design of the site. It's meant for browsing, and I'm hoping that as more books are added and the navigation is upgraded accordingly, this trend will continue.

Chicken and the Egg

As described previously in this series, promotion via The Indie Book Exchange will not be free. However, we have a chicken and the egg problem. It's stupid to charge for promotion where traffic doesn't warrant it, and it's hard to get traffic without content.

Thus ...

Every book that gets listed in the beginning will get some promotion for free. In fact, right now I'm not making any distinction between paid listings and non-paid. That won't be forever, though. As we shift away from this public beta phase, I'll begin to focus on those that buy promotional packages.

So, I encourage you to buy promotion now because whatever you buy now will get you more than if you wait to buy it later. For example, if you buy the basic level of promotion (which you're already getting for free), you'll automatically be upgraded to the next level. If you purchase a premium level of promotion, I'll make sure you get your money's worth ... plus some.

Besides, buying promotional packages is the direct way for an author to support other authors in the program. Indies unite!

Help Spread the Word

Those that help spread the word (and are recorded as doing so via Rafflecopter) will get free promotion (as described above). Those that sign up for a free listing without spreading the word via Rafflecopter still get free promotion, but they will have to wait to get listed and probably receive less promotion over time (during the beta phase).

There's been some confusion in previous giveaways here at The Masquerade Crew as to how Rafflecopter works, so if you don't understand how to register a tweet via Rafflecopter, scroll down to the bottom of this post where I use a series of pictures to show you one way to do it right.

Everyone who does it correctly will get free promotion. If your entry is not correct, I probably won't take the time to make sure you promoted us, which will probably get you bumped down to a free listing sans promotion (except for maybe one tweet every now and then).

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How to Tweet Via Rafflecopter