"An absolute must read for Tom Clancy fans." OMAR by @Craigt1



Written by Craig O. Thompson

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Book Synopsis

Unknown to all but a secret, select few, in 1995 two early 20th Century icons collided with a world reaching into the new millennium--and the beginning of a wave of world-wide terrorism was set into motion. Oceanographer, Dr. Cary Parker, challenged the terrorists on his own turf--and what followed was an adventure of legendary proportions.

Sharon's Rating

Sharon's Review

This amazing thriller is set in 1995, and depicts the scary underbelly of our modern society. Although a work of fiction, there are many elements that mirror the turbulent times we now live in, where life is cheap, and terrorism runs rampant under the radar. Craig O Thompson exposes this frighteningly realistic underbelly in the bright lights of intelligent storytelling and deep research. An expert on terrorism, the author gives the reader insight into the minds of men from the Middle East who are willing to murder innocent Western non Islamic people, all in the name of Allah.

This tale follows the exploits of Cari Parker, an experienced oceanographer who is charged with the task of retrieving a priceless jewel encrusted book from the abyss that swallowed the Titanic, eighty three years earlier.

Suspense runs high as he tries to retrieve the precious artifact before an unexpected alliance of Middle Eastern terrorists, and the Japanese crime mob get to it first. Cari doesn't want to desecrate the watery grave of so many of the Titanic's passengers, but he can't let it get into the hands of those who would use it to fund a war against the Western world.

Mr. Thompson's style is so visual and exciting that this heart pumping drama will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last word. There is a detailed depiction of the Titanic's sinking that left this reader weeping for the needless loss of humanity. There is a high speed gun battle going the wrong way on a British freeway that results in a spectacular multi vehicle pile-up. There is a high tech battle on the high seas between two ships and four mini subs for possession of the book. It's been cursed since its publication – disaster follows wherever it goes. The ending will amaze you."

This novel is an absolute must read for Tom Clancy fans. Omar is every bit as exciting, full of suspense, and high tech toys as The Hunt for Red October. There are some unexpected plot twists that had me open mouthed in awe of the author's expertise with character analysis, setting and sheer story telling ability. I loved this novel. I absolutely intend to read it again in time, as I do with all my favourites. It would make an Oscar grade blockbuster movie. I would recommend this book to anyone old enough to follow the intricate twists and turns of the plot line.

Disclaimer: The mature themes are not to do with sex or graphic violence, it's to do with adult situations such as terrorism and plot twists that younger readers might not understand.