Do you have marketing advice for your fellow writers?


A lot of writers dread the thought of marketing their book, but in this new age of publishing, all writers need to market their books (unless your name is Stephen King). Whether you're traditionally published, self-published, or somewhere in between in one of the various levels of Indie, you will most likely have to market your book. Otherwise, it will not sell.

But how?

There's not a shortage of marketing advice floating in cyberspace. The problem is that not all advice is created equal. Just like with any self-help, do-it-yourself advice, results are not typical, and not all suggestions work for every single situation.

The best solution I can come up with is throwing everything together into one location. Bring all the great suggestions together and compare them against the experience of everyone in the group, from published writers and marketing bloggers to anyone else who has an opinion.

I don't exactly know what form this will take. It could mean a series of blog posts here at the crew. In fact, if you have blogged about marketing, I'd be happy to syndicate your posts here.

If you have marketing advice but have not blogged about it, I'd welcome a guest post. You are more than welcome to post it on your own site as well. I'm not looking for original content.

If you aren't interested in guest blogging but still have a suggestion or two, I'd be happy to collect them and blog about it once I get enough material.

Send me an email:

Books and Blogs on Marketing

Do you have a favorite book or blog that deals with marketing? I'd love to hear about it. If you are the author of said book, I'd be happy to review the book for you (even though at the moment we aren't accepting public book review requests).

Here are a few blogs/sites I recommend:

Bad Redhead Media
Write Non-Fiction Now!—though she deals mostly with non-fiction, much of her advice would probably work for any writer.
Fostering Success—if you're active on Twitter, you have probably heard of Melissa Foster. She has paid online courses for authors.