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Stanley Delacourt’s First Interview!

Stanley: “Um, is this thing on?”
Recently, character interviews have become very popular on blogs and websites. This concept is exactly what it sounds like–a character from a work of fiction holds a question-and-answer session, hosted by a professional.
So imagine how excited Stanley (from The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt: Book I of Hartlandia) was when he got invited on the “Tomorrow Show” with host Philbus Phil! I know, I know–I couldn’t believe it either. ;-)
So without further ado, here is a transcript of Stanley’s interview about his MG fantasy book:

The Tomorrow Show with host Philbus Phil

“Aaaaand . . . we’re back with Stanley Delacourt, the main character from The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt, Book I of Hartlandia. How are you today, Stanley?”
“Fine, thank you Philbus. And thanks for inviting me onto your talk show.”
“No problem, Stanley! Glad to have you. How does my hair look?”
“Um . . . fine, I guess.”
“Great! Now, let’s talk a little about your book. You’re a ten-year-old librarian, right?”
“That’s right. Unfortunately, my library burned down—”
“Tsk tsk. What a shame. Reading is so important. I read a book just the other day on how to make my teeth whiter.”
“Er, that’s nice Philbus. Anyway, I live in this medieval fantasy village, you see. We have a new ruler, Christopher Siren. His minions burned down my library and killed one of my best friends. Everyone seems to be too scared to do anything about it, but I couldn’t stand idly by. So I’m undertaking this quest to find Siren and overthrow him.”
“Really? That sounds dangerous, Stanley! Excuse me while I give a big fake smile to the audience.”
“Aaah, right then, Philbus. To continue with what I was saying, my other best friend—Sophie— thinks it’s dangerous too. She’d come with me, but she’s the town apothecary. She has to stay behind and make sure people get their medicine. It’s really important.”
“It sure is, Stanley. I take ten pills every day just to make me extra-chipper!”
“It seems to be working, Philbus. Anyway, it’s a deadly quest I must undertake. Along the way are knights who enjoy beating others to a pulp, kidnappers both mortal and fairy, and a magical mystery I have to solve.”
“You see, there’s a slight possibility that Christopher Siren has bigger plans for the kingdom. Worse plans. Ones that involve more people dying. Oh, and Sophie might turn out to be some sort of magical creature herself, but we don’t know what yet, or how that might help me. If she can stop yelling at her customers for five minutes and threatening them all the time, we might find out.”
“I thought you said she gives people medicine, Stanley. Yelling and threatening doesn’t seem like very good medicine to me. Audience, laugh with me—ha-ha-ha!”
“Well, I guess what you’re saying is true, Philbus. But Sophie’s really a kind-hearted sort. Just . . . feisty.”
“Feisty apothecaries, magical mystery, medieval adventure. Yours sounds like an intriguing tale, Stanley. But are you sure you’re the right person for it? I mean, just looking at you, I’d say you’re kind of pale and skinny. Not the sort of kid who goes running off on quests to battle the ultimate evil. For that, you need a hero. Someone with a chipper attitude, super-white teeth, and perfect hair.”
“Someone like you, Philbus?”
“Exactly! Hold on—I have to give another fake smile to the audience.”
“No problem. I’ll wait.”
“Thanks. I do hope you’re able to find this Siren fellow and defeat him, Stanley. Although frankly, I think you have better odds of being squashed like a bug by one of his minions.”
“That’s very comforting, Philbus. I appreciate it.”
“Well Stanley, our time is almost up. But there’s still a few seconds left for me to ask you one very important question.”
“I’m on the edge of my seat, Philbus. What is it?”
“How’s my hair?”

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What did you think of Stanley’s first interview? Are there any tips you want to offer him for future ones? Let me know in the comments!
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