9 Year Old Author of "TWIN SPIES and the Destiny Of Earth."


TWIN SPIES and the Destiny of Earth

Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Book Synopsis: This is an Action and Adventure story of a 14 year old twin Brother and Sister spies, who save the world from Martians. As twin spies try to stop the chaos caused by Martians, a deadly countdown is ticking. Can they save the human race? Will they even have time to save themselves? Read this intriguing and romantic mystery to find out.

Combining great characters, wonderful setting (Paris), fascinating background and scientific information, Ruchi Bhalani has created a truly magnificent work that deserves recognition. The story is more than a fiction-adventure for young kids. It is also a learning tool. For, nestled within the pages of her story, Ruchi subtly weaves an abundance of life-lessons overflowing with factoids involving world peace, believing in a cause and fighting for it, science, and family tolerance...all intertwined into an intriguing tale of mystery, discovery and suspense.


"The story line had a good balance of twists, turns, action and humor to make it a very fun read."

"Great summer read!"

About the Author

Ruchi Bhalani is a very creative and talented 9 year old kid author who recently published her Juvenile fiction book - "TWIN SPIES and the Destiny of Earth". She will soon to be a 5th grader at Andrews Elementary, Plano, Texas. As an aspiring author, Ruchi has been writing ever since she was in kindergarten! She is an amazing writer, voracious reader, and poet. Ruchi is now on the path of fulfilling her dream of becoming a famous author. When she is not writing stories, Ruchi loves to play kickball, basketball, tennis, and soccer. She also loves swimming, figure skating, playing the piano, acting, traveling with her family, and having fun!

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