Could you listen to a novel like this?

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I wish I could sit around all day and read. There are various reasons why this isn't the case, some of them totally in my control. Others not so much.

What I can do most days is listen to an audio book for several hours. Whether it be while doing chores around the home, or at my night job—I work at a hotel. Multi-tasking is one way to get your books read.

However, most Indies don't have audio versions of their books. What am I to do? Well, there's a fairly inexpensive option.

I use a piece of software called Natural Reader to convert the text of a novel into an audio book.

Now, before I go any further ...

Yes, these are computer generated voices, but technology has come a long way since the 1980s. I couldn't get through a novel listening to Microsoft Sam, but I have listened to an entire novel listening to Peter (UK) and Heather (US).

Obviously, it isn't as entertaining or as easy as a real, professional audio book. And I'm not suggesting this technology can be used to replace these. No, but for those on the go (but who have a few minutes to concentrate on some audio), it's a great alternative.

Here's a sample from The Steampunk Detective (you have to click PLAY to listen):

Of course I'd rather read the book myself, but sometimes this works in a pinch. Tell me, could you listen to a novel like this?