My first foray into flash fiction—an enjoyable experience.


The New Death

and others

Written by James Hutchings

Genre: Flash Fiction, Fantasy

Book Synopsis

Death gets a roommate...

An electronic Pope faces a difficult theological question...

A wicked vizier makes a terrible bargain...

44 stories. 19 poems. No sparkly vampires. There's a thin line between genius and insanity, and James Hutchings has just crossed it—but from which direction?

Mark's Rating

Mark's Review

This was my first serious foray into flash fiction, and the experience didn't disappoint. Since this is flash fiction, the author doesn't go into a lot of detail with each story. Some of these pieces are like a joke you would tell your buddy, especially the piece entitled "The End" which appears near the beginning. That one made me smile, mostly because of the punchline.

There's something for everyone with this anthology. Some pieces are more serious than others, but the general feel of the entire piece is not super serious. I'm not into poetry, so I didn't read even one of them all the way through. I started one or two. They were written well; just not my thing.

The poetry is long, spanning several screens on my Kindle. I guess you could classify them as epic. I would imagine there are some of would like these very much. If the preciseness of his narration is true of his poetry, he won't disappoint there as well.

Due to the price, I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you don't have a lot of time to read. It took me a while to read these since I would read when I only had a few minutes. If I had more free time, I read something else more involved.

Disclaimer: There is some mildly mature material but nothing graphic or heavy.