96% Royalty — How It's Possible

I’ve hinted at it on Twitter and even given one follower a sneak peek. It’s time to blog about it. I’m working on a new site to help Indie authors promote their books. However, this won’t be your typical book promotion site — there’s a twist to it. It will also serve as a bookstore.

The Twist — An Exchange

Every author who pays to advertise his/her qualified book on the site will buy other books from the site. Basically, Indies exchanging (buying) books with other Indies.

However, I’m not going to limit the bookstore to published authors only. Anyone who likes to read will be able to “purchase” books from the site. Every book will be linked to its Amazon page, so why would you buy from me and not from Amazon?

To put it simply: because you want to support Indie authors, and specifically, because authors will be paid more royalties.

For example, for a book listed at $2.99, the author receives $2.09 per book sold (70% royalty). I will pay the author the full $2.99, which if my math is correct, comes out to $2.60 after Paypal fees. And I think that’s the worst case scenario. If the author gets paid for 10 books at a time, their royalty comes up to $2.87, which is a 96% royalty.

But How Will I Make Money?

Being listed on the site will not be free, and as the site gains in popularity, the entry fee will go up. Plus, there will be opportunities for authors to pay for premium listings.

You may have noticed that I used the word qualified earlier. Yes, not every book will qualify to be on the site. What do I mean? Click HERE for the next post in this series.