Getting enwrapped in a book series.

Bec here. Do you know how sometimes a book series can just draw you in and captivate you for weeks at a time so that all other books kind of get pushed to the side, even when you know you should really be reading them?

Well recently this happened to me and when you combine in the fact that my work and social life both increased it is easy to see why I haven’t been posting reviews much recently. I have however taken a break from the series in order to read some books for reviews, and because with the amount of content in these books I just really need time to get my head around things.

For those whose books are on my waiting list, I am sorry for the wait. I know for some of you it has been quite a while, and having looked out our overall list for the first time in a while I can see we have quite a few books waiting. I am planning to get back into the swing of things now so hopefully some reviews from me will soon be popping up again.

I know some of you must be wondering just what this series could be that sucked up all of my reading time, and once I mention the name those who are familiar with it will understand not only the obsession I suddenly had, but the sheer amount of time it took to read one of these books. I am of course talking about A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, starting of course with Game of Thrones.

These books are so good, but they have each taken me several weeks to get through (and I’ve only read the first 3), with each book being equal in content to many many books. Each book is told through the point of view of several main characters (by the 5th book there is reportedly 31 characters each with a 3rd person perspective, and that’s not including all the major characters who don’t get their own perspectives), and contains so many different things going on at once that I found myself reading long into the night many a time (and yet still not getting very far into them).

I will recommend these books to anyone who is into fantasy and who doesn’t mind a long novel. While they may sound confusing given all the perspectives, each of the characters is well fleshed out and has their own individual feel. And don’t let the tv series put you off. (Plus if you read them you’ll understand why I have disappeared for so long).