A New Way to Promote Your Book — How It Will Work

This is a continuation of the following posts:
The first post introduced my idea of a new site that promotes books and works like a bookstore at the same time. How will this work?

Before The Listing

Before a book gets listed on the site, two things will happen.
  1. The author will pay the entry fee through a donation to The Masquerade Crew. (The starting fee will be $20)
  2. Once the donation is received, the book will go through the qualification process.

If a book doesn’t qualify, the author will have the opportunity to either advertise on our main site (thus not wasting their donation) or work at getting their book to qualify, which I’ll gladly help out with however I can.

During Probation

Once a book is qualified, it will be listed on the site, receiving a round of promotion from me and my friends at Triberr. The author will have a so-many-month probation period to buy $15 worth of books from the site.

They will have already paid for the books. It was part of their entry fee. $15 of the $20 will be dispersed to other authors in the program, and $5 will be my administrative fee.

As long as the author buys the required amount of books during probation, his/her book will continue to be listed on the site. I will be extremely fair with the probation period in the beginning as there won’t be very many books to choose from.

After Probation

After the probation period, the author will have the opportunity to bump his/her book up in the listing by donating some more. Each donation has to be at least $20, but new books do not have to be purchased unless the author wants to.

Books will be ranked by how many are sold, and those in the top whatever will have the chance to pay to be on a special list of bestsellers. As with everything I do, the fee will be reasonable — probably down right cheap, actually.

Getting a FREE listing

Opportunities will be available in the beginning to get a free listing for helping me spread word about this venture. Free listings will still have to go through the qualification process.

Obviously those that get a free listing don’t have to buy other books in the program.This will ensure that there are books available to buy when authors begin to pay to be listed.

Free listings will expire after a time. (Not sure how long the free listing will be up on the site, though). More info on this when launch day gets closer.