Best (character) interview ever! You agree?

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I recently read and reviewed "Even Villain's Fall In Love" by Liana Brooks (4 Stars – Check it out here), and she was kind enough to let me interview four of my favorite characters from the book. Best interview ever! Keep reading and see for yourself!

I’d like to welcome four of the cutest little girls in the world – Angela, Maria, Delilah, and Blessing – to the blog today. Thank you so much for coming. I do hope you received your payment of twenty ice cream cones each in the flavors we previously discussed. *Grins*

Angela glares at her sisters. "Who told her about the ice cream? We agreed not to tell her so we could get more ice cream!"

Delilah leans over and whispers, "I think she knew."...

First question, how do you like having a mommy who’s a superhero?

Angela looks over at Delilah and whispers, "Is she supposed to know that too?"

Delilah nods. "Mommy said she was okay."

Maria whispers something in Delilah's ear and Blessing nods.

Delilah nods too. "It's fun. We get to fly with her sometimes."

Angela rolls her eyes. "It's not always fun, she still makes us clean up our rooms even though she can do it faster. Being superfast isn't fair."

What’s the coolest thing about having a bunch of minions living in your basement?

Blessing's eyes light up. "I like the purple polka dot ones!"

"Oh! Yes!" Angela claps. "The purple ones make dresses."

"The purple ones make costumes and we have all the princess dresses now," Delilah adds. "I even have a big black cape and a new top hat. I like hats."

Maria scoots closer to her sister and tries to hide.

Is your daddy really that bad of a cook?

All together: YES!!!

"He burnt the house down once," Angela says. "While Mommy was out. He was making grilled cheese. Never flip flaming sandwiches."

What are each of your favorite toys?

The girls huddle together to discuss. Angela finally announces, "We like the unicorn, and the minions. We have to share those."

"I like cars," Delilah adds.

"Castles," Blessing says. "I have a big one with a dragon head and a knight and a big rock that rolls down and smashes the knight. It's awesome." She nudges Maria. "She's shy around strangers."

Maria rolls her eyes.

"Maria likes fairies," Angela says. "And I like the pretty castle."

"Your castle is boring." Blessing sticks out her tongue.

"My castle lights up!" Angela yells. "And it plays pretty music."

"My castle has thunder. And a knight. And a dragon head." She folds her arms. "The dragon is the best part."

I know you tikes like pancakes and ice cream, but what else do you like to eat?

Angela kicks her feet and studies the ceiling. "Spaghetti is good."

"I like grilled stuff," Delilah says. "But not fish. Fish is gross!"

"I like fish," Blessing says.

Maria whispers in her sister's ear. "Maria likes cookies, eggs, bacon, and fish," Blessing reports.

So girls, you’ve got some really great super powers. Maybe you guys could be a group of superhero sisters who fight bad guys together when you grow up. How cool would that be?

They all start laughing.

"I'm going to be a singer when I grow up," says Angela.

"I'm going to be an artist," Blessings says.

Delilah crosses her arms. "I'm never going to be a superhero. I'm going to be a super villain just like Daddy. I have my name and everything. Maria is going to go with me. Right?" She punches Maria's arm. "Are you going to be a super villain with me?"

Maria smiles and nods.

If you could use your super powers for something really fun, what would it be?

Maria clears her throat. "We're not allowed to burn things."

Angela nods emphatically. "Mommy gets really mad when we start playing like that."

"I just wanted a nightlight!" Maria says. "It wasn't that bright."

"Except it was on the smoke detector," Delilah said.

"The smoke detector was glowing! The lights looked pretty next to it!"

Blessing shakes her head. "Superpowers aren't for fun. Mommy yells. Especially at Maria. Because Maria makes things sparky."

Delilah giggles. "Except me. No one notices when I do my powers."

Blessing rolls her eyes. "You're not supposed to say that! Now Mommy is going to read this and we'll get in trouble."

Angela looks at Delilah. "Don't worry. We'll talk to her."

Thank you little darlings for stopping by to talk to me. I hope I haven’t kept you from ruining too many of daddy’s experiments today. Come back and see me soon!

For more hilariously cute moments with Angela, Maria, Delilah and Blessing, purchase Even Villains Fall in Love (Heroes and Villains).