Calling all editors: I invite you to showcase your skill.

In an attempt to get the ball rolling with our short story contest, I'm going to hold a little mini-contest. Well, it isn't exactly a contest, more a showcase of skill.

I'm inviting all those interested in helping us edit for our short story contest to help me edit a different short story of mine (no connection to the contest). The results of this experiment will help me decide where best to use people for the actual contest.

For example, if your forte is grammar, you should find more grammar mistakes in my short story than someone who doesn't have as much knack for grammar.

I will publish results of this experiment, which will give me a chance to spotlight some of you. Even if I don't quote from you, I will mention everyone who helps out, ensuring promotion for all.

Because of this, the more you have to say about my story — both good and bad — the better because it will not only give me an idea of your skill, but it will also serve as material for future posts on editing. No sense in you working for "free" and not being able to at least help others learn from the experience.

The short story I want you to help me edit is this one.

I'm also more than willing to email you the text if you don't want to copy it from the website. You are welcome to put as much or as little time as you would like into this "assignment." Remember, though, you'll need to work long enough to show what you can do with bigger projects, starting with our short story contest.

If you are interested in helping me and aren't already in contact, please send me an email: msl_007 {AT}