The Calm Before a Storm — syndicated post from @JamesWymore

Calm Before the Storm
The following is syndicated from the blog of James Wymore and is posted here with permission.

I have never had writer’s block in my life. At this moment I have five books that I want to write. (If somebody were to publish one of the books in my resume I would be more than happy to move one of those sequels to the front of the cue.) In the meantime I decided to write the cross-genre story next. But I’m dragging my feet. I guess what I would say is that I’m in a lull.

I think this lull comes from being too obsessive. Once I start a book, I tend to plow forward like a train. After I finish the back-ground work (which I am doing more and more of with each book) it takes me an hour to write the first page. Then a few hours to finish the first chapter. With each passing chapter I build up momentum until I finally come to a screeching halt at the end. But it’s so much work to get that train moving… and I keep adding more and more cars on with each book I write. So I’m just sitting around, inspecting the track and the dials, enjoying the calm before the storm.

I think I’ll go write a short story.

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James Wymore studied chaos in college. Unable to make that profitable, he became a teacher where he could always be surrounded by the thing he loved. When he isn’t cackling maniacally at the keyboard, James enjoys all types of games where he continues to try and subdue the randomness of life.

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