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In her own words:

M. E. Franco lives in California with her wonderful husband, children, and dad. She loves to read and write in her spare time. Her blog covers a variety of subjects from writing to social media to personal experiences. She recently published her first novel and is feverishly working on the second one.

A Sampling of Her Blog

Indie Books - The Best Kept Secret

Lately, I have read several blogs by some of Amazon’s more successful indie authors. I thought I would be able to find the magic formula to send my book sales skyrocketing. I was doing everything I was told. I had a blog, I joined Twitter and Facebook, I got some great reviews. I also got mentions on several author promotion sites. All of that has not translated into book sales. So I decided to learn from the experts. Imagine my surprise when the best selling Amazon authors said that they attributed the majority of their success to luck. Luck? I’m screwed. The only thing they seemed to agree upon is that having more books is better. That makes sense. If people like your writing, they’ll be back for more. If there isn’t more, readers will move on and may not come back.

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Why Do I Write? Good Question. Uh...

This morning, I was reading a blog by Michael K. Rose called “Why Do You Write?” (read his blog here). He took a stab at answering that question and then asked several other authors the same question. Some of the answers were humorous and some sad, but they all had an answer. When I finished reading that blog, I realized I was glad he hadn’t asked me. I didn’t have an answer. So why do I write? I had to give that some thought.

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I Got the Versatile Blogger Award!! Happy Dance!

This blog post is long overdue! My dear #cyberbud Maureen Hovermale was awesome enough to nominate me for this award back in November. Read that post and others here at her blog The Zen Corner. One of my favorites is her blog on Twitter Jail complete with a diagram that John Madden would be proud of. First, I want to say thank you to Maureen although that doesn’t really cover the amount of gratitude I feel for her encouragement and support.

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