Would you like to be one of the first ones listed on our new Book Promotion site?

This is a continuation of the series of posts that started with THIS ONE. Check it out if you haven't.

Though I still have a few odds and ends to attend to, the site is mostly ready. Now I need some books to list. The first books listed will come in two varieties: a few who have been extremely supportative of our service so far (whom I have already approached), and ones who win a slot (which is what this post is about).

I need at least 4 more books for the official launch, which is scheduled for August 1st. (I may need as many as 6 books).

What this Free Listing will get you

Not only will your book be extremely visible during the launch but you will also be one of the first ones to receive promotion via the Triberr network. (A $5 value)

This will probably be the only listing giveaway before the launch, so I will pick as many winners as I need books. You are welcome to come back each day and enter to win again.

Note: I turned off this giveaway early since I have plenty of entries for the launch. Stay tuned for more chances to win free promotion.

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