3 questions about Cover Wars

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What's the cheapest way of having 
your book featured on our site 
for nearly an entire month? 

Cover Wars! 

How much does it cost? 

Cover Wars is only $5.

How does Cover Wars work? 

All the participating covers compete to be a finalist and then those compete for the coveted first place. 

Due to the fact that this campaign has grown in popularity, we are no longer running just one Cover War. The number of battles will be determined by how many covers are participating. 

A little extra 
promotion for 
the top books.
This initial battle will be 2 weeks long. During the final two weeks of the month, the top so many covers will compete in a final round or two to determine who is the grand winner. 

The covers who are not voted into the final round(s) will be featured in a farewell post the third week of the month, extending their promotion a  little.

The grand winner of that final round will be featured in a blog post, most likely posted the first days of the next month.

Readers of this blog and anyone else that hears about the competition are encouraged to vote for their favorite cover(s) each day. Although quality of the covers plays a definite role in who wins, those authors who leverage their personal network have a good chance of becoming a finalist or winning the whole thing. 

The more who share this campaign, the more who will check it out and that means exposure for all authors involved. The exposure we bring as the Masquerade Crew is pretty awesome, but the true power of Cover Wars are the authors themselves and their fans.

Let's pull together and support one another.

To compete in the next 
Cover Wars campaign,