If his villain was a circus act... #interview with @SifuKeithMosher

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We're pleased to introduce

Keith Mosher

Author of

On a Sphere's Edge

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Lightening Round

Cat person, dog person or 'other'?


If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?

Give me hair, and then I'll pick.

Of the seven deadly sins, which is the worst?

Greed - Lust is greed, Gluttony is greed, Sloth is greed, Envy is greed. Obviously greed.,

Serious Round

Do you plan or pants it?

Sort of both. I do not type an outline, but I do know (mentally) the structure; beginning, middle, end, and the important points. While I do not outline, I do keep notes to make sure that stories stay on track and that key points are addressed.

 My first book (On a Sphere's Edge) evolved out of a round robin story that I started on an old BBS. A few lines of that gave me the idea, which grew into a holistic story arch. From that, it was massaged and worked considering standard approaches.

Do you find more inspiration from reading other books or watching TV/movies?

Once again, I would have to say both. In my first book, as well as the novel I am currently writing, I often reference both books and movies, and occasionally TV. These are expressions of the social consciousness and conscience. They often make great short cuts in expressing other ideas.

They can add a color or flavor or help set or define a mood. It has been said there are only 7 original stories, and 7 original characters. As much as a person might say that they aren't influenced by books or movies, or TV, they would be wrong.

Wacky Question

If your villain was a circus act, which one would s/he be and why?

The clown. The sad, sneaky, scarey clown. Why is tough. There is a twist in Sphere's Edge - who you think might be the villain, isn't. Who you know to be the villain, you see only briefly. The real villain is sort of a ghost - something that is around the corner, but you never get to really see. Kind of like a tricky clown. The sort-of villain, is a trickster. Again, a clown.

Author Bio

Keith Mosher was born in New Jersey in 1956. As a youngster the family moved to South Carolina, where he has lived ever since. He has a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from the University of South Carolina, where he specialized in Audio Engineering and Production and has been involved in Television and Film. Currently he is a martial arts instructor, blogger, and author. His first book, "On a Sphere's Edge" was released in 2014, and he is currently working on a new novel.