"Great read, a lot of fun and suspense." Remember the Maelstrom by @jrsinason #scifi

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Remember the Maelstrom

Written by Josh Sinason

Genre: Sci-Fi, Time Travel


They say if you move a single grain of sand on the shore you change the history of the world. Then what happens if a time jumper takes a little girl hostage and she gets killed in the crossfire with time cops?

The Domino Effect would create a maelstrom of biblical proportions. Wounded in the gun battle, T.I. Agent Amanda West races back to a future she doesn’t even know exists anymore.

Time warps, and her ship is falling apart, but she’s determined to live long enough to find out if her husband is gone, if they ever met at the Academy, or if the world she once knew had been irrevocably changed.

An excerpt from

Remember the Maelstrom

Here's what

a Fan said

Great read, a lot of fun and suspense. I laughed a bit too.

Author Bio

Josh Sinason

Josh Sinason is currently a freelance writer in the Northern Illinois area.  His work has appeared in Chicago DIY Film, The Stairwell Blog, The Two With Water Reading Series, and Burroughs Publishing Lunchbox Romance line.