Enlists the aid of a crafty ex-con. On a Sphere's Edge by @SifuKeithMosher #scifi

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On a Sphere's Edge

Written by Keith Mosher

Genre(s): Fiction, Science Fiction



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Humanity has spread out among the stars thanks to a twenty-second century power system. Daily life is as it has always been. People have jobs, families go on vacations; there are terrorists and criminals, and the Fleet Police to maintain law and order.

Lieutenant Commander Alexandria Novastra is set the task of determining if the legends about a powerful device that is supposed to guide humanity and civilization are merely myth or based on some reality. Much to her surprise she learns that the legends are based in truth. It is only then she learns that the device is addictive. She realizes that she cannot turn this device over to her commanders.

Military minds and all consuming, potentially destructive powers do not make a good match. She reluctantly accepts that she needs to drop out of the system to protect the device and humanity. To do that she enlists the aid of a crafty ex-con.

An excerpt from

On a Sphere's Edge

Here's what

a Fan said

I was very impressed by the detail of the book! The characters and the setting are developed in the most exciting and complete ways, ways that you almost exclusively see in science fiction. The author demonstrates their strong comprehension of the genre they were writing in.

If you enjoy Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, then I suspect you will find "On a Sphere's Edge" thoroughly enjoyable!

— Mark

Author Bio

Keith Mosher

Keith Mosher was born in New Jersey in 1956. During his early childhood years he lived in New Jersey, Florida, and Nevada. As a youngster the family moved to South Carolina, where he has lived ever since.

He has a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from the University of South Carolina, where he specialized in Audio Engineering and Production and has been involved in Television and Film.

He worked as an Audio Producer / Engineer through the 1980's, after which he found himself searching. He operated his own business, managed a heating and air conditioning company, was an Information and Technology manager for a fast food chain, was a law office manager, and operated his own software company.

Currently he is a martial arts instructor, blogger, and author.