A few details about our Scavenger Hunt (with Kindle Fire giveaway)

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What you get when you order Scavenger Hunt 2.0
(The $65 option)

  • Deluxe Promo Post (promoted on Twitter) — $30 
    • Give away copies of your book (print or digital)
    • Give away a gift card or some other cash prize
    • Since you are providing (and shipping) the prize(s), you may give away just about anything.
    • The above giveaway options have to be administered by us, not a third party, including yourself. This is so we have total control over when the promo/event runs, to coincide with the rest of the hunt.
  • Interview Post (promoted on Twitter) — $15 
  • Emails to the Masquerade Crew Book Club — $5 
    • Book featured in an email to book club members that are interested in your book's genre. May be combined with other Scavenger Hunt books from the same genre.
    • All Scavenger Hunt books will be featured in another email to the entire book club.
  • Book featured in a Scavenger Hunt post — $15 
    • Scavenger Hunt question about your promo post
    • Scavenger Hunt question about your interview post
  • $10 of your fee will go toward the purchase of a Kindle Fire for one grand winner.

And if you add up all the prices for the individual services, the total is $75. However, when bundled all together (the only option), the final price is $65. 

Because the Scavenger Hunt will not start until there are enough authors to fund the purchase of a Kindle Fire, there will be no announced start date ahead of time for each Scavenger Hunt. Once there are enough books, I will start posting each of the promo and interview posts. 

Once all of these are live, a Scavenger Hunt post featuring all the books and the questions will be posted. This post going live will officially start the hunt. All participating authors will be emailed once this happens. Emails prior to this may happen but are not guaranteed.

Scavenger Hunt Questions and Answers

In the past I had authors come up with their own questions, but with the new format, we'll have to do that ourselves. The reason for this is simple: the hunt doesn't stop with the questions (and answers). The answers will lead to a secret message—thus, we have to be choosy with the answers. This message, in turn, will be a clue to a final word or phrase.

Here's a simple example. Let's say the following ten words are the answers to ten scavenger hunt questions. With each word is a clue letter (bold and large in this case).


The clue letters create a phrase which is a clue for a final answer. In this case, the clue phrase is "Not Square" which leads to the answer of "Round."

Players of the hunt would be able to turn in the phrase "Not Square" for a certain number of chances at the Kindle Fire being given away. However, if they solve the puzzle and turn in the word "Round," they would get even more chances at the giveaway.

The riddles or puzzles I use for the real hunts hopefully won't have more than one answer. For example, the above clue could lead to the following words: circle, rectangle, etc... Of course, I'll be the final judge if someone produces an answer I hadn't thought of. To hopefully alleviate this, I may give them the number of characters in the final answer. Time will see.

Granted, the preceding example was very simple. For starters, ten words means there were only 5 books involved. I won't even consider putting together a hunt unless there are at least 10 books, and more books are even more ideal.

The final answer will be challenging but not impossible—or at least that's my goal. In any case, the purpose will be to entertain players as they peruse your books. If people have fun playing a game with your book and interview in the background, that will lead to more lasting impressions. And if they win a Kindle Fire, icing on the cake!

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