Why @JeanNicole19 became a writer. (syndicated)

The following is syndicated from jeannicolerivers.com and is posted here with permission.

I became a writer no more than a woman becomes an instinctual mother, no more than a larva becomes a wanderlust butterfly. I am a writer because it is an inevitable extension of my being. Some people decide to be writers because they want to write; I was never given the option.

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Even as a child words and pictures danced in my head, weaving stories that must be told, stories that peek into my conscious mind through the waking memories of foggy dreams, building themselves through my everyday experiences and flirting just at the tips of my fingers with nowhere else to go but unto wide open paper.

I write so that my wild testimonies, the love, the loss, the pain will have a vehicle out of my frayed soul into the world where they can cement themselves into the culture and psyche of a hungry people who can share in the emotional release that comes when we shed our superficial robes and share with one another, spiritually free in creativity, understanding and love.

I am a writer because, like you, like all, I have a story to tell.