Alternate realities, twisting complications. The Soul Stealer by @MaureenWillett #paranormal

The Soul Stealer

by Maureen Willett

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Hunter Blackthorne has almost all he needs: powerful magic and the seductive art of deception. Now, all he needs is her soul.

In the dark, twisting world of The Soul Stealer, half-human Hunter Blackthorne embarks on a quest to vanquish the heir of his father's enemy by stealing her soul. Though his father would settle for her mere death, Hunter is determined to pilfer Malia Smalls' very essence in hopes of obtaining supreme power. A hybrid of modern fantasy, mystery, and folklore, The Soul Stealer is a story of questioned loyalties, power struggles, and decidedly unconventional romance.

Since his target is a mere human, Hunter's mission seems laughably straightforward. However, upon meeting Malia, Hunter realizes that this task is anything but uncomplicated. Hunter starts to waver between commitment to his father's cause and an unshakable feeling of foreboding guilt over his mission. Hunter thought he knew everything there was to know about his identity and his family, but signs of a darker truth lurk below, threatening to overturn everything.

A story of alternate realities and twisting complications set in exotic Hawaii, The Soul Stealer is a story of fantasy, magic and mysticism, but also a story about humanity and the moral and emotional conflicts that we all face. The Soul Stealer transports the reader to an exciting, dangerous, and captivating world that won't be easily forgotten.

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The Soul Stealer 

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Hunter Blackthorne is half - faery , half human. He wants to steal the soul of the heir of his fathers enemy. But when he meets the lovely Malia Smalls. He is torn between his loyalties , power and love struggles. 

The story is set in Hawaii , with very vivid details makes you feel like you are there, watching the story unfold. It is filled with romance, secrets and emotions. A real page turner . I look forward to reading more by Maureen Willett.

  lady g

Within the first few pages of being introduced to the main characters, I was hooked. I wanted to know more about them and what was going to happen. The author takes you gently by the hand and makes you a silent participant in the story. You care. You feel. You want it to work out. 

By the end of this book, you are sure there is more and find yourself looking forward to the next installment of the story of Malia and Hunter. 

I was so taken by the style of writing and the ability of the author to weave her story so adeptly, that I immediately bought The Guardian, an earlier book written by Maureen Willett. Enjoy this book. I certainly did.

— LornaW

Author Bio

Maureen Willett

Tired of the vampires and witches who populate modern fantasy novels, author Maureen Willett writes inventive yet surprisingly relevant stories about other types of mystical creatures struggling for power over humankind. Faeries, angels, and, even, leprechauns pop off the pages of her books, but at the core of each are great characters in very real conflicts that anyone will find compelling.

Her debut novel, The Soul Stealer, fuses faery dust with humanity and is now available on Amazon, iBooks, Kindle or on this website.  A story of fantasy, magic, and mysticism set in the exotic Hawaiian islands, The Soul Stealer transports the reader to an exciting, dangerous, and captivating world that won’t be easily forgotten. Maureen finds the beauty, spiritualism, and folklore of Hawaii to be a constant inspiration and weaves the magic of the tropical paradise throughout her writing.