An important policy change for negative reviews

Recently an author got upset that we were promoting a negative review (and more importantly that we included the Twitter handle in the blog post title, further spreading the promotion). We ceased promotion in this case, but DeeJay and I both feel that we shouldn't treat negative reviews any different than positive ones.

So, from this point forward, it will be our policy to include Twitter handles on all book reviews. In the past I have generally left them off from negative reviews. With the crew expanding and my responsibilities along with it, it's better for my sanity if I do it the same way all the time.

If you don't like such a policy, please don't request a review from us. We will not make exceptions.

This new policy will affect those that have pending reviews, so if you have requested a review in the past and especially if we have your book on hand, and you don't want your Twitter handle promoted on a potential negative review, the responsibility is yours to let us know.

We will not email authors to tell them about this policy change (unless you are part of our book club).

Now, there is one monkey wrench with letting us know that you would like your Twitter handle not promoted in this way. It will apply to a positive review as well because what I will simply do is not post a review that has already been submitted, and reviewers who are currently reading your book will be told not to bother.

DeeJay and I generally don't approve of authors who have thin skin, which is why we are handling it this way. If you can't take a (proper) negative review and the promotion of such a review, you might want to think about the future of your writing career.