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Fall Into Love

Simone: Part One

Naughty Nookie Series 

 Written by
Serena Akeroyd

Genre: Erotica

Book Synopsis

When Simone Barranquet meets Zane Matthews on a night out with her friends, little does she know that her life is about to change. 

Crashing into Zane, her mundane existence is teetering on the edge. A whole new world of sexual exploration awaits her, if she's willing to take a leap of faith in a man she doesn't know who leads a life she can't understand. 

Lucy Pireel's Review

Let me start by saying I love a well written piece of ChickLit/erotica. However, the author of this piece tried to achieve this by writing in first person POV. A POV which is difficult enough without a main character that spends the most part of it whining about stuff. If you then throw in the fact that the mc goes around repeating herself and telling us how she feels all the time, it makes for a tiresome read.

Like I said, the main character tells us a lot, where the author could have taken me into her head and make me experience the story through her eyes. Instead there’s filter upon filter, and then there’s the overly long sentences. I would almost say run-on sentences counterbalanced by fragmented sentences, neither a thing that makes for an easy read.

To distract even more from the story, there’s numerous inconsistencies and holes, which the author when she probably realised them tried to plug, instead of going back and fix them where they are created. (I hate spoilers, but let me give one example.) When they finally have their bodily encounter, nowhere there’s a mention of applying a condom, yet when finished “his condom is filled with his cum.” I mean, you have to put one on to be able to fill it with your cum, right?

Especially in chicklit/erotica I want the emotions and sexual tension bursting off the pages and experience them with the characters, but in this case it was a case of “yeah, yeah, I know, said and repeated, move on please.” But when she finally moves on, it’s not very tantalising, but rather …. Well, told in a way that didn’t allow for me to be there with the characters. Looking in from the outside isn’t a thing I like when reading chicklit/erotica.

And to make things even worse it all ends in “To be Continued.” There is no end to this book! If there’s anything I hate it is struggling through 49 pages of whining to discover that if I want to know what happens to the girl I have to spend another £2.35 (to buy book two and three) to find out. Why not put it all in one book I wonder?

Maybe I’m an odd ball, or too nit-picky, because this book has a few reviews from people who seem to disagree with me, but seeing as this is my opinion, I would not recommend it, and say it needs work to become what it could have been.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: Marked mature due to sex.

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