Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny by @lawfabex #youngadult #fantasy

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Journey of Destiny

Titanian Chronicles

Written by Leisl Kaberry

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Afeclin walked nervously to the entry of the cottage. He held his breath as he passed over the threshold. A little cradle was the only piece of furniture left in the building.

Afeclin touched the cradle delicately with one finger. All of a sudden he fell backward onto the floor as an image of the fire burst into his mind...

He had seen a horrified face that screamed amongst red hot flames.

Found beyond the Elvin borders, Afeclin, a human child, is taken in and raised by an Elvin King. Now grown and longing to learn about the mystic arts, he embarks on a journey back into a land now unfamiliar.

Accompanied by his elvin friend, Wolflang, they leave their homes to seek out their destiny. Unbeknown to Afeclin and Wolflang however, the warlord, Moorlan and his confederate, a dark mage, are preparing to bring war to the peaceful Land of Marrapassa, putting their lives and those they care about, in danger.

An excerpt from

Journey of Destiny


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Fans are saying

Journey of Destiny was an enjoyable read with believable characters, strong plotting and world-building. Now, I patiently wait for the next book in the Titanian Chronicles. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue. Ugh, please write faster Leisl Kaberry!

There was a lot to like in "Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny (Volume 1)" by Leisl Kaberry. Kaberry built a legit fantasy world replete with elements that call back to the feel of the legends of King Arthur combined with the work of Tolkien.

The author takes the unique step of infusing humanity into her world with the mythical races in a way that is seamless and complimentary. 

Author Bio

Leisl Kaberry

“I was never going to be a writer... seriously.” 

Somehow despite Leisl's lifelong love for making up and telling stories, she had no desire to become an author. However, after a creative urge spurred her on to write an idea for a scene, the world of Titania was born and she hasn't looked back since. 

Born and raised in Australia she has lived in a variety places, including the Australian outback and Montreal, Canada. She currently resides in Kitimat, Northern British Columbia with her husband and four children, she is studying a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, is an amateur theatre actor and enjoys snowboarding during the winter.