4.0 on the Masq Scale. Fall into Love by @SerenaAkeroyd #erotica #bookreview

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Fall Into Love

Simone: Part One

Naughty Nookie Series

Written by Serena Akeroyd

Genre: Erotica

When Simone Barranquet meets Zane Matthews on a night out with her friends, little does she know that her life is about to change. 

Crashing into Zane, her mundane existence is teetering on the edge. A whole new world of sexual exploration awaits her, if she's willing to take a leap of faith in a man she doesn't know who leads a life she can't understand. 

Bella's Review

Over all, I did like the story. It was engaging and easily paced, and a very quick read--not just because it's also pretty short. It didn't spend too much time waffling in the story, and the sex scenes (which were really most of the book) were fun, and also funny.

I did find the narrator to go a bit overboard in her personal life diatribes in the first few pages, but not too bad and the snark of the First Person made it tolerable in its amusement factor.

But she lost points with me for the Heathcliff references, though I'm apparently one of two people in the world to not read "Wuthering Heights" like a romance and to think Heathcliff was a sadistic, psychotic bastard.

Guess it's just me...

I liked that both characters were southerners transplanted to the north and it made for some further amusement, and then we zipped through the next few pages and I enjoyed them.

At the end, however, I almost got turned off the story by her reaction to the..."revelation," we'll call it. Not that it wasn't justified--he should've told her--but...I don't know. Something about her bugged me. Maybe her utter refusal to the idea of there being an explanation; an alternative lifestyle. But still, I'll keep the open mind cause it would be a shock and he should've been honest.

I'll admit that I cheated and read the book blurbs of the next three parts in this four part series. If it ends up (ultimately) where it looks like the author intends it to, and the author doesn't annoy me in how she presents it, I think I'll enjoy the next three parts...as long as Mona doesn't annoy me again...

Still, despite my little gripes with the narrator, I enjoyed the story and may well read the rest of the series down the road.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.