$25 GC in the December Scavenger Hunt. More entry options than ever before.

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$25 Gift Card?

That's a silly question, isn't it? Of course you would like to win a gift card. But what's even better than winning a gift card is discovering some great books. That's exactly what you can do with our scavenger hunt.

One thing new this month: everyone who plays the Scavenger Hunt has to at least acknowledge Cover Wars, even if you don't actually vote. In any case, we'd love to hear what your favorite cover is, and you can easily do that in our scavenger hunt.

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Really good ideas might get a public acknowledgement (and I mean more than just a reply to the comment) ... as in a blog post featuring you and your idea, along with a free book ad or whatever.

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Buy a copy of 

Forbidden Future: A Time Travel Anthology

You can also earn 10 entries for purchasing a copy of our time travel anthology, Forbidden Future. If you hurry, you can do this for as little as 99¢. On December 8th, the price goes back up to the normal price of $3.99.

Think about it.

Spend 99¢, get 7 time travel short stories, and have a chance at $25. 

Pretty good, right?

I thought so.

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