#10 in the Books>Time Travel area on Amazon. Forbidden Future: A Time Travel Anthology

First, I would like to thank all the blogs that have been posting for the Forbidden Future blog tour. You can check them out HERE.

Forbidden Future 
Blog Tour Guest Posts

  1. Top Ten Reasons Why I Love to Write
  2. Creating a Forbidden Future
  3. Why Time Travel Intrigues Us
  4. Top 10 Awesome Points in Writing History
  5. Top Ten Best Self-Published Novels 
  6. The Challenge of Writing a Time Travel Story*
  7. The Science of Time Travel 
  8. Ethical Considerations While Time Travelling Through Fiction
  9. Write With Passion
  10. The Creation of a Story
  11. Chasing the Dream*
  12. Creating Awesome Fantasy Characters

*Not the actual title of the guest post

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