She will have the son of the loch beast himself. Bones of Winter by @sieistschoen #erotica

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Bones of Winter

Written by D. Morgenstern

Genre(s): Erotica, Supernatural

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Intended for 18+ audiences and all characters depicted in sexual acts are 18+ Caoimhe enjoys the stark beauty of the winter in the Highlands above all else. Unfettered by man she treks the hostile environment with as much grace as the fae themselves.

One night however Caoimhe encounters a mysterious laird with a proposition for her; bare his child and be protected forever. She concedes for to be whore to a laird is still a better fate than that of a sterile old maid. After their tryst her lover leaves her in the still and frozen night.

The young woman finds herself pregnant by the stranger and prepares for the birth. As her body swells however she begins to wonder if the man she met wasn't actually human. As she becomes more and more grotesquely bloated she meets her laird again, and knows what she will birth is a monster.

Caoimhe however, unafraid of the frigid wastes, throws her lot in with the devil. She will have the son of the loch beast himself. For her bones have been frozen by her lover like those of winter.

A piece of most horrific erotica focused on xenophilia and pregnancy fetishes.

An excerpt from

Bones of Winter

When the lamb was lost she knew disaster could only follow.

Caoimhe NicAoidh had only noticed the stray after she had settled the others for the night. She had tucked the flock away into a small glen between two great mountains. In this crevice was the shack where she had passed most of the winter. The days were long with aimless wandering in search of enough pasture for her father’s flock. Soon they would all be returning home for the spring shearing, the world had already begun to warm in its edges and cracks.

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