"An excellent fantasy read." Enchantment's Deception by @AmberAveray #fantasy #review

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Enchantment's Deception 

Written by Amber Averay 

Genre(s): Epic Fantasy


A world where bedtime fables tell of trolls kidnapping witches to feed to the Creatures in the Maze, and legends abound of ferocious dragons in nests of scorching flame.

A planet governed by mighty stone heads who seek to control every realm, from the merfolk to the unicorns.

A jewel of the Universe, fought over by ruthless alien races wanting to claim it for themselves and cause great fear and destruction along the way.

It is a place of secrets and sorcery, lies and legends, wars and wickedness; and a witch, caught between the wrongs of the past and deceptions of the present, seeks to discover the truth upon this world of mystery and magic.

Sharon Flood's Review

An excellent fantasy read

The story is fascinating, yet top heavy. There are so many twists and turns in the plot, it's easy to get lost, but it's worth the effort to stay on track. There are three distinct plot lines, and they intermingle without warning.

The first plotline consists of a constant battle between red aliens and blue aliens above a planet far removed from the planet of Zircondia, where most of the action takes place. These battles take place predominately in the mind of Sigrid,the main character. The reason for them doesn't become apparent until most of the way through the book. It's distracting as well as confusing until the big reveal, when everything falls into place, and makes total sense.

The second plotline consists of the daily lives of a trio of sibling witches. Stanford the brother, and Jeanette the sister are ever-present, but the tale is told through the eyes of the youngest, Sigrid. Her parents treat her as non existent, so her siblings basically raise her. She is a chubby outcast with massive character flaws who gets up to all sorts of adventures that are forbidden by the powers that be. You can't help but admire her courage and spirit, in spite of the fact that she is completely unapologetic about her troublesome nature. During her ramblings she spends a lot of time in the forest, where she isn't supposed to go. While there, she makes friends with characters that aren't supposed to exist, such as elves, faeries, trolls and minotaurs.

The third plotline is an intrigue where Sigrid finds out that there's been a seven thousand year old injustice perpetrated by the Elders, who govern the witches on Zircondia. Females have no say about anything on this planet, where characters live for thousands of years. Only male witches are allowed to use their powers as they wish, but Sigrid uses her powers anyway to uncover the truth about why witches have been disappearing for millennia. She literally risks her life to right the wrong done by
those in authority.

I have only one complaint. There's a good deal of contradicting information. Witches are not allowed in the forest, yet contingent plans exist for those who do go in. Sigrid is not allowed to go into the forest, yet relatives give her unicorns, who live in the forest. The unicorns are a free race, but Sigrid owns some of them. Although she loves them and treats them well, I don't much care for the idea of unicorns being bought and sold like horses, although they are obviously sentient beings.

There's some great dry sarcastic humour all through the story. It pops in and out when least expected. The languages that the author Amber Averay has created for her characters, is impressive. It's an excellent fantasy read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.