Have you played our first crossword Scavenger Hunt yet? Find it here.

The following Scavenger Hunt crossword puzzle was originally posted back in April. It's been a tough season. Every time I thought about working on the next installment of the Scavenger Hunt, something got in the way, usually offline stuff ... but also online stuff.

To find the answer to each clue, you'll have to scavenge through posts on this site or Amazon (coming soon). This first crossword, which is basically serving as a proof of concept, only has you skipping about this site. Don't worry. I'll give you the links. So, for now, it will still be super easy. Later, I may add other ways of challenging you, but let's just figure out the crossword part together, shall we?

Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Prizes will be a little different than in the past. There will be a mini prize for each crossword. And, even better, you'll have a degree of control over what that prize is—in other words, you'll get to pick which book you want as a prize out of a pool of available books. We'll be giving away ebooks primarily but other prizes such as paperbacks may present themselves as we go along.

When you get a chance, check out the ebooks you get to choose from when you are chosen as a winner. Click Here to do so!

In the meantime, you'll notice on the Rafflecopter widget below that I've got this giveaway good until the end of the year. I plan on picking a winner of the mini prize soon, but the crossword will be live for new ones who haven't played. The prize at that point will be a Kindle Fire—or perhaps I'll give away more ebooks ... so play the crossword ... whenever you find it.

Scavenger Hunt Crossword #1

Clues in alphabetical order 

Each clue links to a post on this site where you will find the answer.

Once you've checked the puzzle with the provided button, you'll have to refresh the page to continue playing, which will erase the answers you have at that point. My suggestion: fill out everything before you check it ... if you check it at all.

Scavenger Hunt Crossword #1

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