"Murder, suspense, humor, and a lot of #romance with spice." A Collector's Item by @QuigleyAlicia

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A Collector's Item

Rowena's After Dark Regency Romance, The Arlingbys

Written by Alicia Quigley

Genre(s): historical romance, regency romance, romantic mystery



Alaric Montfort, the fifth Earl of Brayleigh, is well-known as a collector of beautiful things. He's equally well-known for stopping at nothing to acquire that which he desires, even if it means bringing others to ruin. His latest target is Lady Rowena Arlingby.

Rowena, a young woman of means, has a penchant for speaking her mind and seeking adventure. She also happens to be the sister of Alaric's greatest enemy. When Alaric decides that Rowena would make the perfect addition to his collection, he sets in motion a series of events that eventually involve Rowena and him in an old mystery and the search for a cold-blooded killer.

Will logical, hard-hearted Alaric succeed in adding the beautiful Rowena, who wishes to marry only for love, to his renowned collection? Can the pair survive the search for a dangerous murderer? Where is the infamous Pearl of Sirsi?

Find out in A Collector's Item: Rowena's After Dark Regency Romance. The danger is real, the romance is captivating and the sex is scorchingly hot in this After Dark version. For those who prefer sweet romance without sex, the Traditional version of this story, That Infamous Pearl, is coming soon.

An excerpt from

A Collector's Item

The Willoughby ballroom grew suddenly silent when Alaric Montfort, fifth Earl of Brayleigh, paused for a moment at the top of the stairs, regarding the assembled members of the ton with a mocking gaze. The hush spread for a moment, washing to the far side of the room, and then the chatter of voices began again, rising over the determined scrapings of the fiddlers in the corner. Alaric smiled cynically. Somehow he felt sure that the topic of conversation had changed drastically since he had made his entrance.

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Fans are saying

Regency romance with humor, a murder mystery to solve and one hot romance

May contain some spoilers

If you are looking for mystery, murder, suspense, humor, and a lot of romance with spice look not further. I enjoyed A COLLECTOR'S ITEM: ROWENA'S AFTER DARK REGENCY ROMANCE.

I really liked the heroine, Rowena. She was sweet, innocent but spunky at the same time. All that she wanted was to solve a 12 year old murder mystery to possibly clear her brother, Malcolm and her husband, Alaric.

Alaric, The Earl of Brayleigh, had the devil may care attitude about life. He went around collecting beautiful things, like art work. Alaric and Malcolm were adversaries from way back. Malcolm fled England to the continent when it was thought he killed Ingram. Alaric was under suspicion for the murder but deflected it to Malcolm. Both Malcolm and Alaric were at the scene of the crime 12 years ago.

I loved the by-play between Rowena and Alaric. You could tell that both the H/h were in love early on. Then throw Malcolm and Alaric's ex-mistress into the mix and voila, the fun begins! The banter between all of the characters was so much fun to read. The sex scenes were hot.

— Susan

Both refined and deliciously steamy

If you enjoy regency and historical romance with a healthy dose of mystery, you'll love A Collector's Item. This story is both refined and deliciously steamy, and you'll be hastily drawn into Rowena's world.

Behind the romance, there's a murder mystery and a treasure to be found, and let's not forget the hot sex that comes with the charm of this unlikely pair. Get sucked into the beauty and elegance of this world, contrasted next to darker adventures in the bedroom.

— Chloe H

Author Bio

Alicia Quigley

I am a lifelong lover of romance novels, who fell in love with Jane Austen in grade school, and Georgette Heyer in junior high.  I made up games with playing cards using the face cards for Heyer characters, and sewed regency gowns (walking dresses, riding habits and bonnets that even Lydia Bennett wouldn't have touched) for my Barbie.  In spite of a terrible science and engineering addiction, I remain a devotee of the romance, and enjoy turning hand to their production as well as their consumption.