Blog poll: is it all right to ask for a book review?

A few days ago I posted a Tuesday Tantrum about tagging people on Twitter. Check it out HERE if you haven't had a chance to read it.

In the comments of that post, an author mentioned that she doesn't request anything of her readers. If they choose to write a review, for instance, she's overjoyed (I assume) but it is never requested and isn't expected.

Of course, a book will have greater visibility and a much likelier chance of making it, so to speak, with more reviews and general attention from the fans. A review is often worth more than the money made from a purchase.

But is it all right to ask for a review?

That question may not be as easy to answer as you might originally think. For example, perhaps it's OK to ask in one situation but not another. Or, perhaps it's OK to ask in one venue but not another.

If you've read my post about tagging people on Twitter, you know that I wouldn't recommend tagging your followers and asking for a review. Most people don't like that behavior.

However, is it all right to ask the Twitterverse in general?

If anyone would like to read (and review if you so choose) my #scifi #thriller, please email me.

Would the above example tweet be too forward for you taste? Even if it's clear from the tweet itself that a review isn't expected? What if a review was expected, like how authors offer review copies all the time?

While talking with someone, you learn that they like your genre ... or perhaps you already knew that going into the conversation. Is it OK in that situation to ask them if they would like to read your book and leave a review?

Obviously the situations I could name would make this blog post the longest in history, so it's your turn. Answer the following poll (if you so choose) and leave a comment to add to the discussion (once again if you so choose).