"Fun, romantic, sexy summer read." The Contraband Courtship by @QuigleyAlicia #historical #romance

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The Contraband Courtship

The Arlingbys

Written by Alicia Quigley

Genre(s): Historical romance, regency romance, romantice suspense



Malcolm Arlingby, Rowena’s headstrong brother from A Collector’s Item, settles into his new life as the Earl of Wroxton. Content to while away his time in the decadence he missed during his exile from England, Malcolm hasn’t been paying attention to the duties that come with the title. A letter from the mistress of a neighboring estate warns of smugglers using Malcolm’s lands for their dastardly deeds and he must finally put aside his entertainments to handle the business of being an Earl.

Helena Keighley, the one who sent the letter, is not the sour spinster Malcolm was expecting, however. She is a beautiful, vibrant and equally headstrong woman who is more than ready to take Malcolm to task for ignoring his duties. As the pair becomes embroiled in solving the problem of the smugglers, a strong attraction develops. The smugglers aren’t going without a fight, though.

Will his new neighbor bring Malcolm all the things he never knew he wanted? 

Or, will the smugglers destroy it all? 

Find out in The Contraband Courtship. 

An excerpt from

The Contraband Courtship

Malcolm Arlingby, Earl of Wroxton, awoke as the first rays of sun peeked around the edges of the burgundy velvet curtains that hung over the windows of his bedroom. He laid comfortably for a moment, appreciating the fineness of the linens that covered the bed, the luxury of the over-stuffed goose feather pillows, and the enormous size of the carved mahogany bed in which he rested. It was a far cry, he thought, from his life not six months before.

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a Fan said

Fun, romantic, sexy summer read - highly recommended!

The Contraband Countess is a fun, romantic, sexy read! It’s a delightful sequel to “A Collector’s Item” but is written to stand on its own. In it, Malcolm, who we met before as the unfairly exiled brother of Rowena, the heroine of the previous book, is now the vindicated Earl of Wroxton.

After 12 years in exile, it’s not surprising to see him return as a bit of a man about town, more concerned with having fun that his duties to his estates. But when his sister Rowena convinces him that he needs to pay attention to problems that smugglers are causing on his land, he reluctantly follows up, and meets his neighbor, Helena Keighley, who is also very concerned about the smuggling.

Like Malcolm, Helena’s life has been damaged by a false accusation, but it has turned her into a woman driven by her duty to her family and lands. While this pair have much in common, they also have many conflicts.

Their love story is funny, romantic, and very sexy in Alicia Quigley’s hot but tasteful way, as they struggle with the smugglers and their pre-conceived notions about each other. A very fun read – highly recommended!

Author Bio

Alicia Quigley

I am a lifelong lover of romance novels, who fell in love with Jane Austen in grade school, and Georgette Heyer in junior high.  I made up games with playing cards using the face cards for Heyer characters, and sewed regency gowns (walking dresses, riding habits and bonnets that even Lydia Bennett wouldn't have touched) for my Barbie.  In spite of a terrible science and engineering addiction, I remain a devotee of the romance, and enjoy turning hand to their production as well as their consumption.