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The Life of a Twisted Cop

Written by Ron Shaw

Genre(s): Law Enforcement Biographical



What external and internal forces combine to create the perfect storm that causes a human being to become twisted? This is not a rhetorical question. Ron Shaw was molded into such a twisted boy and man. Look inside his life. Go back with Ron to the hell of his youth, the conflicts as a young man, and the desire to survive as an Atlanta police officer.

Witness the struggles in graphic detail that hopefully made him into a better human being. What you will read, and with Ron Shaw live in words, is raw, rough, rude, deadly, and real. The stories contained from page one until the last typed word are precisely what transforms a man or any person into a twisted being in search of their humanity.

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Must Read Compelling Cop Stories

This book should be required reading for every person who feels compelled to comment on police conduct. I am reminded of the old adage, to hold your opinions of a man until you first walk a mile in his shoes. In Ron Shaw's compelling true story you will walk a long way in the shoes of a big city cop who started out as a lowly patrolman and rose through the ranks until his retirement.

He did, indeed, dodge bullets, and crazy people who wanted to kill him. He "talked down" a man with a gun, bent on murdering a cop and who got the drop on Ron. At times he played security guard to mayors and visiting dignitaries from all over the world, including celebrities, politicos and princes. He wept over the death by gunfire of a fellow officer and you will, too.

As an Atlanta Police Officer, Ron endured every kind of name-calling assault, and dodged bottles, rocks and bullets. This wasn't just an occasional one-time thing. It was an everyday part of the job. Ron led a SWAT team of a dozen officers trying to hold off a riot, at times unsure of their own survival.

Author Shaw tells these stories in compelling detail through the eyes of a humble man. Indeed, he is too modest. After you read this and his other books you will come to know and admire this American hero of a police man.

Great Read, I could not put it down!

A riveting, authentic read that initially grabbed me by the throat, kicked me in the stomach, and touched my heart! I laughed, I cried and you will too.

This cop book is very different, unusual, and maybe even unique. I'd go so far as to call it troubling if not disturbing in some ways. Read the back cover of this one and know that's exactly what you will discover as you read this book. 

I found it to be refreshingly authentic, honest, and uninhibited. The realistic elements of the book made me see for the first time what cops go through. If this is fiction, I say great job author Ron Shaw. But, if it is non-fiction, better still!

— Pearl

Author Bio

Ron Shaw

Ron Shaw is an Atlanta, Georgia, native who currently resides in Gwinnett County, Georgia, with his wife and daughter. He attended Roosevelt High School in Atlanta and continued his education at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia for two years. Ron met his future wife in Atlanta after his second year at Mercer and transferred his junior year to Georgia State University.

In 1973, with new responsibilities, he became an Atlanta Police Officer while attending college full time. Ron attained a BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University in 1974. He retired from the Atlanta Police Department in 1996 after a very fulfilling and prolific career.

He is the author of the Cramped Quarters series, and his short story The Dead and the Dying will appear in Annie Acorn's 2015 Spirited Tales.

You can follow Ron at @RonGizmo on Twitter and friend him on Facebook. He is the author of the blog at ronshawmedia.com.

You can interact directly with Ron each Monday night at 8:00 p.m. as he hosts the Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst Radio Network at artistfirst.com/ronshaw.htm.