"A compelling read." REVIVAL by Lisa Lane. #horror #review

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Jane the Hippie Vampire

Written by Lisa Lane

Genre(s): Horror

This four-part collection includes the first three novellas to the dark, dramatic horror series, Jane the Hippie Vampire, as well as an exclusive novelette:

Love Beads: Jane crosses paths with a middle-aged man who's encountered her kind before--but he seems happy just to have the company. Of course, appearances can be deceiving, and his secret might just prove to be the end of her.

Flashbacks: Jane must face demons from her past when she encounters a long-lost friend and a homeless Vietnam veteran with lingering demons of his own.

Hair: Jane goes south for the winter, hoping to find reprieve in the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A supernatural stalker of the shape-shifting variety has different plans, however. Will her new-found ally--a park ranger with a painful secret--be enough to help her avoid a fate worse than undeath?

Flower Power: Jane teams up with an astral traveler in order to banish a dreamwalker from her past--and in the process, she must confront her greatest nightmare.

About the series: Jane has had one hell of a time ever since she happened upon the wrong guy during the Summer of Love, but she's taken it all in stride. Wandering from town to town, she seeks out the needy and the broken in hopes of breaking the curse that's left her bloodthirsty and forever seventeen.

Walki's Review

The wanderings and wonderings 
of a hippie vampire

‘Revival’ is a series of stories telling the diverse adventures and wanderings of Jane the Hippie Vampire. She was turned at the age of 17, during the Summer of Love, and her maker was more cruel than her abusive father. Since then she’s been trying to break the curse by performing good deeds and only feeding on bad guys. Fifty years on, she still accumulates wisdom and philosophy, while keeping her youthful hippie looks.

Travelling south, mostly walking barefoot, Jane encounters various humans and supernatural creatures. A park ranger, a werewolf, an incubus, a homeless Vietnam veteran with flashbacks of his own, a long lost friend and an astral traveller who wants to enlist her to banish a dreamwalker.

All the way through she keeps on thinking and wondering, speculating and learning. A ditzy blonde she ain’t, and the overconfident incubus should think twice about attempting to outsmart her. Herself she should think twice about lying to her long lost friend. And every adventure is a lesson Jane is willing to learn.

‘Revival’ is a compelling read, sprinkled with reflections about life and human potential.

Disclaimer: Book provided by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.